Q&A with Mother Denim - Listen to Mother

Last week Lela Tillem Becker and Tim Kaeding, designers of Mother Denim joined us for a live chat on our website. Here are our favourite quotes from the day #ListentoMother

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On expanding the brand…

"Tim and I are both big fans of home design but it would be a challenge as we have never worked in that market"

"We take the direction of the company on what our gut tells us and how we are being inspired at the moment"


Favourite designers? "Isabel Marant, Chanel, Givenchy, Celine, Balmain, Jil Sander, Burberry, Proenza & Gucci!"

"Inspiration usually comes from music and art. I pick a band and a theme for every delivery"

Brand Ethos…

"Soft denim was the whole basis for the brand. The hard and soft duality of Mother"

How did you decide on the name Mother? "Mother trumps all! Second most powerful word in the English language"

"Les Baladins....translated was the Playboys of the world...or something like that”

On getting started…

"We spent 1 year in my basement thinking up ideas for Mother before we produced anything"

"I got started 12 years ago doing denim for GAP" Tim

"We both started years & years ago. Took a long time but made so many great connections"

 Do you wear your own designs? "Mandatory"

On AW13…

"We have another embroidered jean coming out called Black Sheep and The Princess for Fall 2013"

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