My sister Larnie came over from her Singapore hideaway to spend my birthday with me - I turned 39 last week, the last one before I exit my Flirty Thirties and embark on the Naughty Forties.  The second she landed I popped her at a desk at Donna Ida HQ and had her retype the entire staff manual (I had cleverly added a password to the file that was so clever even I couldn't remember it) then we shot off for an afternoon of girl stuff.  This was my perfect birthday:

11am - Cake and champagne at Donna Ida HQ.

12.30pm - Depart office, head to the V&A to see the Ballgowns Exhibition.

12.35pm - Receive a call from Donna Ida Chelsea to say a customer has spotted Brad Pitt having lunch in Itsu with two of his children and a host of bodyguards. Turn car around at high speed and head to Itsu.

1pm - Depart Itsu with no Brad sighting.

1.20pm - Visit the Ballgowns Exhibition at the V&A.  Heaven!

3.30pm - Arrive at the Berkeley Hotel for Jubilee Pret-A-Portea.

6pm - Arrive at Harvey Nichols, cake and champagne fueled.  Prepare to buy expensive impractical shoes but come out empty handed (except for a Tom Ford perfume ostensibly for Bobby Dazzler but which I am using).

6.30pm - Arrive at the Four Seasons on Park Lane to meet Larnie's boyfriend John and my love Bobby Dazzler for drinks.

8pm - Arrive at Zuma to eat my body weight in sushi.

11.30pm – Flop into bed, a fully fledged 39 year old.




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