Paige Adams-Geller: What's In Your Bag?

Paige Adams-Geller is the fit model turned denim designer of Paige Premium Denim. Once a model for denim giants Seven, Citizens of Humanity and Habitual and has now created her own label, Paige Premium Denim. As a former model, Paige is no stranger to a busy life of spontaneity. So we had the chance to pick her brains, and find out just exactly what is inside her bag...

I have a one of a kind vintage Black Chanel that I bought when I was in London. I am obsessed! I need to find out the year - it looks very edgy for Chanel!

As far as what is in it? I have my favourite Cle De Peau eye concealer. It works magic! My Chanel nude lip liner and my Pretty Powerful make up kit by Bobbi Brown are always in there too! Love the colours, perfect for  blondes!

I also keep liquid cinnamon stevia for coffee, tea...or whatever needs sweetened! For practicality, I also carry my beautiful silver pen in a pink leather case so I don't lose it! My BlackBerry is an essential. Can't function without it! Mac lipstick. I am loving Cremme De La Femme right now. Oh! And a purse size perfume in my signature scent... Comptoir Sud Pacifique in Aloha Tiare!

Another thing I always carry is my passport! You never know when you might have to hop on a plane! And finally my favorite Collyre Bleu eye drops! They help with tired eyes and make them bright white – necessary for travelling!

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