New In: China Doll Silk Coat in Hong Kong Calling

Donna Ida China Doll Coat


A beautiful lined silk coat to jazz up any outfit, designed to go perfectly over jeans, it’s China Doll in Hong Kong Calling. Ease into the colder weather without losing your glamorous touch, in the very definition of statement outerwear.

Donna Ida China Doll Coat

Donna's Tip

China Doll is made for making an impact, so pair with your relaxed daytime jeans such as Fran The Patch Pocket Jeans to look put together even on the early-morning school run. Or amp up the glam rock vibe and wear over Eliza The Relaxed Dungarees then, for extra style points, wear Eliza undone.

Donna Ida China Doll Coat


​What we love about this coat is the amazing detail, skilfully embroidered in India with such care, making it a real forever piece.

With an artistic nod to traditional Chinese emblems, in soft colours that will pair with any outfit, you know there’ll be heads turning for this one.

Donna Ida China Doll Coat


Fran, of course, styles this stunning piece with ease - her very own The Patch Pocket Cropped Jean and Greta in Raven are the perfect subtle-but-dressy base for a statement jacket. Nail transitional dressing with a curated capsule wardrobe finished off with eye-catching one-offs like China Doll.

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