New - DONNA IDA SS18 Collection with ISKO™ Denim

DONNA IDA has introduced ISKO™ stretch fabric into 15 denim styles for SS18. The fabrics are enhanced by a patented technology increasing their recovery level and making it possible for jeans to hold their shape no matter how much one wears them. This innovative textile formula will be included in core DONNA IDA styles and new shapes in 2018.


ISKO REFORM™ HP(Holding Power) uses patented ISKO RECALL™ technology paired with a unique construction which ensures incredible hold to the body, creating a slimmer silhouette and a more streamlined look. ISKO REFORM™ HP has incredible elasticity which makes this fabric extremely comfortable to wear.

DONNA IDA denim styles made with ISKO REFORM™ include Kitty Kat in Fawcett Blue with a Released Hem, Rizzo the Ankle Skinny in Fawcett Blue, Carmen Frill Raw Hem Jeans in Carnival, Sadie the Boiler Suit in Fawcett Blue, Wednesday in Golden Slumbers and Lila in Forget me knot.

ISKO BLUE SKIN™ patented concept has a pure indigo shade inspired by the rich, supersaturated Japanese indigos; deep but bright cast with a beautiful chip off/contrast effect, its refined brightness makes this pure indigo exceptional. This fabric will form the basis of Lila in Big Starry Skies, Rizzo in Big Skies, Lois in Deep Big Skies with Noir Velvet Lace Up, Minnie Patch Pocket Wide Leg in Feeling Blue and Ivy the Skinny in Singing The Blues. ISKO BLUE SIN™ fabric ensures freedom of movement with holding power in all directions. Gravity defying lift and hold. In other words new generation of elasticity. Performance and 3D shaping feature give all day comfort while looking amazing.


ISKO™’s patented denim technology, ISKO RECALL™, ensures jeans never bag out thanks to a superior recovery level. DONNA IDA styles using ISKO RECALL™ technology include Sidney the Cropped Straight in Cornbury Blues, Boy Dazzler in Cosmic Girl High Top Jeans and Mae Pieced Skinny in Silhouette Blues.

ISKO’s POP™ fabric features patented technology which offers permanent softness and bright hues giving a sophisticated sheen to your jeans. ISKO’s POP™ fabric appears in Wednesday in Golden Slumbers, Lila in Forget Me Knot, Sadie the Boiler Suit in Fawcett Blue, Mae Pieced Skinny in Silhouette Blues, Boy Dazzler in Cosmic Girl High Top Jeans, Carmen Frill Raw Hem Jeans in Carnival, Rizzo and Kitty Kat in Fawcett Blue.

Featured in DONNA IDA’s Sidney the Cropped Straight, ISKO’s PJ SOFT™ is a smooth, supple stretch fabric that offers the 24-hour comfort of pyjamas which is extra-soft and light. Supported by Modal® fibres, ISKO™ PJ SOFT™ moulds and forms with every movement of the body, giving an excellent silhouette and fit for a comfortable look that never constricts.


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