My Mother's Style

Mother's Day is a special day where we can take time out to celebrate Mums all over the world. So here to say thank you for the life lessons, the style guidance and for being strong, powerful, fabulous women, we've gathered together a collection of photographs from our fashionable friends and a few words on how their Mother inspired their own style. Happy Mother's Day all.

My Mother's Style by Mariella Tandy, Retail Editor Tatler Magazine and Founder of Wardrobe Connect

"When I look back at Mum's old photos I love the ones from the late 70s early 80s. She was really into flares, platforms, chunky knits and jeans. I adore anything with a 70s vibe and wish that she had kept most of her wardrobe gems from that era. I also use her hair for inspiration she always had these long loose beachy waves that she still has now." @missmariellat

My Mother's Style by Jane Gottschalk Creative Director of Perfect Moment 

"I spent many an evening growing up in India watching her glide effortlessly through a crowd in long floating hand made dresses (cigarette with holder and always a whisky on the rocks in hand)- the ultimate Diplomat’s wife - the one they would always sit next to Ambassador’s or other Diplomat wives that didn’t speak English well and manage to entertain for the entire evening. She was my Grace Kelly - a natural and true beauty, always elegant yet understated, never had a budget to spend on  designer clothes, yet always looked immaculate."  @janegottschalk

Jane Gottschalk mum

My Mother's Style by Amanda Davies, CNN Sports Anchor/Correspondent

"Growing up, my Mum was - and still is - the epitome of a yummy mummy. A former Miss Great Britain and model, I very quickly had to get used to boys from school coming to our house more excited about seeing my Mum than me! She has an effortless sense of style - and always looks fabulous - perhaps the result of her training in dress and design. I remember nights when she would spend hours at the sewing machine, designing and making her own evening dresses. Sadly it’s not something she does anymore, but Mum instilled in me very early on that you don’t have to spend fortunes to look great.  A lot of my TV outfits are a real mix of high street bargains, with designer pieces thrown in. Mum’s other important lesson was the importance of wearing things that suit you, instead of endlessly following fashion trends. She never throws anything away, and comes back to things years later. Mum wears more dresses than I do - I’m more a skinny jeans (Donna Ida!!) and jacket kind of girl - but my love of shoes is definitely from her. I always wish I could get my hands on the amazing white platforms that she wore with her green swimsuit the day she won Miss Great Britain!!" @amandajdavies

Amanda Davies' Mother
Amanda Davies with her Mother in 2013

My Mother's Style by Angela Radcliffe, Donna Ida Brand Ambassador and Model

"My Mother has inspired me all my life.  She has always had impeccable style, and even on the school run growing up in New Zealand in the 70s she was always co-ordinated and beautifully put together.  Her bags and shoes always matched, and her face was always perfectly made up. I have fond memories watching her getting ready to go out at night. She would perch on the end of the bed in her black velvet Christian Dior dress, put a coat of red polish on her fingers, and leave the house in a trail of Hermes Caleche perfume. Even around the house she wore a long brown velvet gown, trimmed in Leopard.  I'm sure this is where my penchant for anything leopard was born."

Angela Radcliffe and mum
Angela Radcliffe and mum

My Mother's Style by Natalia Maria Barbieri, Co-Director of Bionda Castana

"My Mother has always been very classic, elegant, and well polished. Without it being ‘look at me’, it is a different kind of eye-catching. Cropped trousers, blouses, kitten heels, midi length dresses….I may be more a heel wearer, but her grace and timeless approach to clothing (and the way in which she buys clothes) is what I learnt from her. Investment pieces that will last forever."

natalia barbieri's Mum
natalia barbieri

My Mother's Style by Julie-Anne Dorff, Executive Fashion and Jewellery Editor Harper’s Bazaar

“My Mother is such an inspiration, she was always a working Mum but always found some quality time for us. As a Mother now, I realise how incredibly organised she was. We never even noticed, for us she was just Mum. She was multitasking all the time with such grace.” @JulieAnneBazaar

julie ann dorff mum

My Mother's Style by Carmen Haid Founder of ATELIER-MAYER.COM

"Both my Mother and Grandmother have been a great style inspiration. My late Grandmother was a haute couture seamstress in Vienna during the Secession period and consequently she sewed an entire wardrobe for both my mother and I. In this picture, which was taken in 1973, my mother is wearing a Missoni knit dress. When I came along a year later, I had a mini version of it which my grandmother made for me with a little vest." @AtelierMayer

Carmen's Mother

My Mother's Style by Vicki Murdoch, Director of Silken Favours

"The 70s is my favourite era to look at for music, fashion and interiors. So rummaging through photos of my gorgeous Mother is a pass time of mine. My company started with silk scarves, which my Ma has most definitly influenced me on, she also loved micro skirts, which is basically all I wear styled with my silk shirts. Thanks Mum, you are super cool xx"

Vicki Murdoch's Mother
Vicki Murdoch's Mother

My Mother's Style by Brooke Metcalfe, CEO VICKISARGE

"She taught me so many things... mostly to trust my instinct, not to fear the untrodden path, and to maintain dignity, to be truly at peace!  Thanks Mom!!! xx"

Brooke Metcalfes Mum CEO of Vicky Sarge

My Mother's Style by Navaz Batliwalla, Freelance stylist and editor of

 "I grew up cutting pictures out of my mum’s copies of Woman’s Journal. No she didn’t read Vogue, and I can’t pretend she dressed in Dior and St Laurent, but still her love of clothes and fashion influenced my own. The biggest influence was her insistence on quality and clothes that are built to last. So as much as I like to observe trends come and go, when it comes to my own taste, I’m all about the well-loved classics."

Navaz Batliwalla's Mother

My Mother's Style by Susannah HunterDesigner

"The first is of my Mother and I on a beach in Sutherland, in the far north of Scotland. I love her outfit here - her favourite pink mac, jeans, the cropped white wellies and the headscarf.  The second is taken on a family holiday to London to stay with my Mother’s Brother (also pictured) in his New Bond Street flat where this photo was taken. This spotty skirt was an absolute favourite of hers and I absolutely love it. To sum up what I love about my Mother’s style is that, from Bond Street to a remote beach, her style is confident and colourful, and she dresses to feel good about herself. She used to make a lot of amazing clothes for herself and me, and definitely was huge influence on my decision to study fashion at Saint Martins."

Susannah Hunter
Susannah Hunter's Mother

My Mother's Style by Melissa Odabash, Owner & Designer of Melissa Odabash

"My Mother is the most stylish woman ever. She taught me everything I know today; she has never had a bad hair day, her nails are always manicured and always looks impeccable head-to-toe. Unfortunately I just can't get it together like her."

Melissa Odabash & Mum

Solange Azagury-Partridge, founder and designer Solange Ltd

   'My Mother is always well turned out. She looks after her skin, her hair, her nails. She exercises regularly. She has always worked, has always been very active, loves hosting gatherings and cooking for lots of people. Her style is smart, feminine but practical. And I suppose I can can say the same of myself. So yes, I would say she has certainly influenced my style.' @solangeazagury

Solanges Parents

 Charlotte Pilcher, Artistic Director , Tamara Mellon

'Throughout my childhood, Mum busted a look for every decade. The 50s looking at pictures, she was dressed to look like my Grandmother. Then in the 60s she embraced the major hair pieces, short skirts, printed silk peg pants and tunics. We lived in the Bahamas in the early 60's and she was deeply glamorous and younger than any of the other expats by about 30 years.  She was asked to be an extra when the James Bond film, Thunderball, was shot in Nassau, all tanned skin, cigarettes and backcombed hair…Beyond Mad Men. Back in London, by the 70s I loved her suede fringe waistcoats, bell bottoms and Donald Davies shirtwaist dress. But two looks really seared into my mind, probably because, when she took my twin sister and I to school in the mornings, the local builders would wolf whistle continuously, and we did not know what that meant. They shouted at us ‘what's your Mum called?’ we squeaked back, Susie... so the next day they would be hollering, ‘hello Sexy Susie’ followed by more wolf whistles. The two looks were printed hot pants worn over, red tights and black fishnets worn all together. The other look was a pair of black naplak (creased patent leather) boots low block heel but worn all the way up the leg and into pants, which she wore with a red mini skirt. Years later, when I joined Tamara Mellon as her Artistic Director, she was as inspired as I was, and had the vision and chutzpah to redesign them. And thus the Legging Boot has been born again, after all this time.' @TamaraMellon

Charlotte Pilcher, Artistic Director , Tamara Mellon

My Mother's Style by Thea Bregazzi, Director Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

"One of my first memories of clothes was being dressed in mini versions of my Mother's clothes. I absolutely loved it and I felt so grown up .There was one in particular, a green knitted dress with matching scarf and a belt. I thought I was the cats meow. The only problem was that my Mum had the tight, knee high, heeled leather boots, I had the flat, fur lined, knee as you can imagine I was not happy! This  influenced me to create our Mini Preen range, based on shrunken Preen collection garments, my Daughter loves wearing her 'Mummy & Me' clothes! The only problem she says is 'the shoes!' History is repeating ! So.... we are hoping to produce Mini Preen shoes  soon, to complete the look. Watch this space...!" @PreenbyTandB

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