My Favourite Birthday: Tash

As part of our 5th Birthday celebrations we asked all of our Donna Ida girls to tell us about their favourite birthdays. Here is Guildford's Tash...

I’ve chosen this picture/birthday, mainly because my parents have always managed to be completely useless when it came to taking photos of me at a young age - so the search for a cute picture of me in a little party dress and a face full of cake was unsuccessful!

This picture was taken on the night of my 19th birthday - we were off to a Roller Disco and the theme was 80s!!  Here I am in the middle, outshone by my friends who all made a far better effort at the dress up than myself!

I would say my 19th birthday was one of my favourites.  Twenty friends and I put on our dancing gear and prepared with a few pre-drinks and a huge chilli that mum cooked up to ‘line our stomachs’.  We climbed aboard the coach with Wham! playing at top volume and the fun began.

This evening didn’t come without a few worries in the back of my mind.  The concept of drinking alcohol - and quite a lot of it at that, and then putting a pair of rollerblades on, seemed somewhat ridiculous, and at the time I was convinced the night would end in A&E.

And to be honest with you now I’m not sure how we all managed to stay unbroken.  Bruised, but unbroken!

Let’s start with the falls.... and believe me there were lots of falls.  My first came the second I put the boots on, head over heels, and at that point I thought I was going to spend the night sitting at the side as I watched everyone else skate round in circles, but thankfully I managed to find my dancing feet.

Another came when a boy friend of mine was going to the toilet, and fell, mid flow...!  Imagine!

I remember another friend of mine was so terrible that she continuously fell, taking everyone else out with her.  In the end a marshall was instructed to skate round with her the entire night!

 I have always been one to make an effort with my birthdays and try to organise something different and get as many friends and family involved as possible. I will always remember this night, everyone had a great time, even if they did regret it in the morning!

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