My Favourite Birthday: Natalie

As part of our 5th Birthday celebrations we asked all of our Donna Ida girls to tell us about their favourite birthdays. Here's Donna Ida Merchandiser, Natalie's...

I have just celebrated my 28th Birthday. Having decided that this was the year I had to finally admit I was in my ‘late 20’s’ I opted to embrace it in glorious…yellow fashion.

Koko in Camden had one of their notorious ‘Guilty Pleasures’ nights on the 24th of September so, being a fan of all things cheesy, I decided that that was the place to celebrate in style. The wig theme was great, however I thought it slightly too easy for my group of party animals. Therefore in order to gain access to my party not only did you have to come in the wig, but also dressed as the whole character. So, being the birthday girl, I went to town. That’s me in the middle…Marge Simpson… complete with full yellow body paint.

I have never had a more fun journey on the tube, I was like a celebrity! People were taking photos, pointing, laughing. I had a group of Italian tourists singing the theme tune to ‘The Simpsons’ for one part of the journey. As the tube pulled into various tube stations you could see people stare into the carriage thinking ‘Did I really just see Marge Simpson go past?!’

The fun continued throughout the night in Koko with re-constructions of the 5ive dance routines, blasting out a power ballad (or several) and general merry-ness. I’d just like to thank the lovely Olivia Newton John in her Sandy from Grease number (aka Helen, right) and Katy Perry (aka Laura, left) for being such good sports.

4 days later I am still scrubbing off the yellow face paint…

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