My Favourite Birthday: Jacki

As part of our 5th Birthday celebrations we asked all of our Donna Ida girls to tell us about their favourite birthdays. Here is Westfield London Manager, Jacki's…

I am born on what everyone thinks to be a great day to celebrate...New Year's Eve - the 31st of December! However after 23 years of being neglected of precious birthday love and joint Christmas and birthday presents I had had enough...I had to do something drastic!  I deserved to feel the special birthday love that everyone basks in year after year.  Why should I be any different?  So I hatched a plan...a magnificent plan...what would happen if I dropped the 3 and changed my birthday to the 1st of December?  The first day of the month instead of the last!  Brilliant!  Nothing eventful (to my knowledge) happens on the 1st.  Finally a day to call my own!

So on the 1st of December 2009 I celebrated my first 1st Birthday.  The first of many birthdays that are now celebrated on the 1st of December to mark the amazing wonder that is the day of my birth.  To celebrate I invited 30 of my closet friends to my first 1st birthday.  In true 1st Birthday style we played all sorts of games - pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, one-legged egg and spoon races.  Kid's party food was the menu for the day and my favourite part was the two birthday cakes my mum made for me.

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