My Dream Car

Every time someone asks me what kind of car I want I say a vintage Mercedes Gullwing - they make my heart race, and at around £200,000 they make Bobby Dazzler's heart race too.  They're beautiful, classic, slightly unattainable (!), and largely found living in LA.  Ideal really.  Silver, with red leather interior please.

In the meantime, I'd settle for my other car crush, a vintage (vintage is key) Porsche Speedster.  A little easier on the wallet but sooooooooo chic and cool.  I'd like a silvery blue with cream leather interior.

I used to have a cool car......but Bobby Dazzler sold it.  On the basis that I didn't drive it for a whole summer (there are a lot of things I didn't use that summer, but did they get sold?!).  She was beautiful, her name was Mona.  A 1969 Mercedes Pagoda.  Here she is on Elizabeth Street in London with the executioner leaning against her.  In the meantime, I have my eco friendly (but not cool and sexy) Prius to keep me going.  Watch this space!


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