Mother's Day

I got my grooming and love of fashion from my mother.  She's obsessed with her hair/nails/makeup.  I'm not quite so over the top in terms of 'does it look fabulous?' but I rarely leave the house without makeup and hate a chipped nail.  When I was at primary school I was ridiculously proud that my mum would always wear heels, be fantastically dressed, was pretty, and had long painted nails.  I would tell everyone that she was my Mum and would pity the other kids if their mums didn't seem to care how they looked.  It's not just the way she looks though - in the words of Earl Spencer, my mother's beauty is internal, as well as external.  I've never had a doubt that my Mum loves me more than life itself - it's palpable.... all the way from Sydney.

Mum's going to be super impressed with my AW12 buy - there's everything in there that she loves.  Leather, cord and velvet in wine, blush pink, gold and teal - check her out in this pink suit at a party when I was small, guiding me through the buffet selection.  Right now she's into the pastels for Spring and loves a beautiful blouse.  I'll ask her but I'm sure she'd recommend teaming some pastel skinnies with a Tucker blouse to really get the mood of the season going.

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