Monika's NYC Apartment

My friend Monika moved from London to NYC 3 years ago. After bemoaning the loss of her in London I soon recovered when I encountered the fabulousness of her new apartment in NYC. When I visited this time I asked if I could take a few snaps to share - I love how bright and airy it is and it should be enjoyed by many!

The other fun thing about Monika's apartment is she shares a floor with Daphne Guinness. They live in the converted Stanhope Hotel on 5th Avenue, so when the lift doors open onto their floor it's a right to Daphne's door, left to Monika's. You can imagine how much gawping I did at the door I wasn't invited to. I took @sam_bottega with me this time and when we were leaving to go out for breakfast I missed a key opportunity to peek inside at the famous Damian Hirst in the hall - I was too busy yapping to Monika's housekeeper and when one of Daphne's staff exited the lift and went into the apartment I didn't even notice. This is the piece she has in her hall - divine!

Daphne's apartment is now on the market so if you have $14 million lying about it could be yours - and my friend Monika would be a great neighbour!

But back to Monika's apartment  - here are the pictures.

 Monika and Fluffy, bought from Harrod's 8 years ago.

The converted Stanhope Hotel.

  The Living Room.

The Living Room. 

 The Living Room.

The TV Room.

The Kitchen.

 The Chocolate Art Piece.

The Dining Room.

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