Miu Miu for Me Me

I wasn't a Prada or Miu Miu fan until I moved to London in 1999. When you move to a new city you find that everything - everything! - you own is totally wrong and you need to start all over again. At least that's what I found when I left Sydney. A friend liked Russell & Bromley so I trailed her into a few of their stores. I'd checked out the designer shops myself and couldn't help but notice that Russell & Bromley was almost level pegging price-wise with the high street. I said this to her and she said I know, then carried on shopping. I didn't get it. £40 more and you were in Prada. So I went to Prada, and quickly after that I went to Miu Miu, and I haven't moved very far ever since.

Miu Miu has everything I like all wrapped up together. Amazing quality, quirky features, and a bit of razzle dazzle. I like watching Miu Miu tempt us with a germ of an idea, then the next season a bit more, then the season after that they go totally NUTS. Like they've done with this season's glitter brogues. They're genius. I won't get them because my bum's already too close to the earth's crust for my liking, but I've got a pair of their black glitter heels that will see me through the trend. I haven't bought anything from AW11 yet but I have my beady eye on a few things, namely this HUGE sequin bag. I'm still thinking.... quite hard.

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