Michelle Siwy: What's in your bag?

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Michelle Siwy is one of our favourite denim designers here at Donna Ida. With her vintage inspired jeans she brings a New York edge to the LA dominated denim world. Her designs are sleek, sexy, sophisticated and look great on all body shapes. Subtleties of design include the quilted back pocket and the hand crafted inside label (made from vintage feedsack cloth which harks back to the days when these were recycled into clothing and quilts by women in rural USA), which ensures the individuality of each Siwy garment.

We managed to take a sneak peek into the life of Michelle via the contents of her gorgeous Chloe Heloise bag, and here’s what she found.

“I must always buy accessories that hint at my style. I wouldn’t feel right carrying something that looked too new or generic. This bag is perfect for me because the leather is slightly distressed with dull hardware and beautiful chunky braid with metal loops throughout it. It’s classic with an off-the cuff elegance. I don’t have any special keyrings that I keep in it as such- but I do have a small collection of heart charms. I have found three so far. I found one in LA, and two in NYC- literally on the ground! I have always been with people who are in my heart when I have spotted them. I keep the charms in my bag so that I am reminded of them and what they mean to me.”

“In terms of makeup and beauty, YSL’s number 29 Lipstick livens almost everyone up. You can wear no other makeup but this and still look well rested. I also never go anywhere without my Jurlique lip balm and Caudalie Beauty Elixir Spray. You can spray this on your face anytime, even over make up, to refresh yourself. It smells so nice too! And of course every girl needs a mirror to make sure everything is in the right place. Mine is so cute! My fragrance is ‘Une Rose’ by Frederic Malle. It’s perfect for me because it’s feminine and earthy. It is meant to smell like roses being uprooted.”

“There are a few other things that I almost always have in my bag- Fiji water (everyone makes fun of me because they think that I choose my water based on the packaging… They might me right!) I squeeze a wedge of lemon into the water to keep my skin glowing. I also always have peanut butter flavor ‘Think’ protein bar for emergencies- sometimes I completely forget to eat lunch, so they come in handy. You can also almost always find a stash of Haribo happy cherries or raspberries hidden somewhere in my bag- I have to keep up my fruit intake! I also always have vitamins and supplements- flaxseed oil, Evening Primrose oil, blackcurrant oil, royal jelly, biotin, panethnol, collagen, hyaluronic acid, holy basil… I think that’s all!”

“I always keep my Moleskine weekly notebook/planner on me- it’s perfect as I love making ‘to-do’ lists, and I am able to look at my week ahead at the same time. I also always have my sketchbook and mechanical pencils on me so that I can draw up any ideas as soon as they pop into my mind.”

“I carry in my bag a small Chanel purse In case I have to run out of the office, as well as a pair of emergency ballet flats that fold up really small.”

“At the moment it’s as if my iPod was trapped in the 80s. I go through this phase when I’m feeling nostalgic, I love listening to 80s music as the spring approaches and things begin to warm up. It takes me back to a time when I would dream big things. It’s important to always remember that innocence when dreaming.”

“For my darling dog Prince, I keep Dogswell chicken strips and a tennis ball. On our walk home I get dragged into parks by him to play catch- if I don’t have a tennis ball handy, I’ll be in big trouble! I also keep my camera on me- it’s a Canon G11- the best point and shoot, even if you haven’t a clue about photography it will seem like you do with this camera!”

“My sunglasses are either Tom Ford ‘Peter’ glasses or Oliver Peoples ‘Daddy B’s’- I keep a back up pair in case one of them gets lost or broken! I love Vogue Paris, and often have a copy on me. I find the content is always inspiring, and they never skimp on quality and design.”

We think Michelle might secretly have one of those magic bags like Mary Poppins, and are quite keen to find out where she got it… We are also feeling very inspired by her super-healthy stash of vitamins! Check out our favourite summer pieces from Michelle Siwy’s collection here, and keep an eye out for the FABULOUS velvet leggings coming in from Kate Moss’ favourite denim designer for Autumn Winter 2011 (yes, we are thinking about them already!)

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