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Margo Marrone is the owner of London-based The Organic Pharmacy, which specialises in formulations that integrate herbal, homeopathic and cosmetics to create new standards in clean, high-performance beauty.

We photographed Margo just outside her beautiful store on Cadogan Gardens, near vibrant King's Road while the sun was shining. When the heaven's opened, we photographed our final looks next to Salon Sloane which we used as our base for the day.

Margo speaks to Donna about her wardrobe essentials and favourite Donna Ida jeans.
Margo Marrone Donna Ida
Margo Marrone Donna Ida
DONNA IDA: What are your wardrobe essentials and how do you wear your jeans?

Margo: I love wearing my jeans with platforms or trainers. They can easily go from day to night just by change of shoes and top.
Margo Marrone Donna Ida
DONNA IDA: Which are your favourite jeans from our shoot and why?

Margo: My favourite is Queenie- I get so many compliments wearing them. I team them with platforms and love the elegant palazzo theme. Its so timeless and chic and soooo comfortable.

   DONNA IDA: Why do you think jeans are such an iconic item?

Margo: You can wear jeans with anything, dress down or up, wear colour or neutrals, they literally go with any colour. I love the versatility.
Margo Marrone Donna Ida
Margo Marrone Donna Ida  
Margo in Queenie in Sunday

 DONNA IDA: Who is your denim icon?

Margo: It has to be the three original Charlie's Angels in their denim shirts and jeans!

   DONNA IDA: Who are your favourite influencers to follow on Instagram for inspiration?

Margo: Aside from all the food, cat and dog influencers who are number one, my go-to style influencer is my daughter @r.o.x-y who really inspires me with her fashion choices.

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