Live Chat with J Brand CEO Jeff Rudes

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If you weren't the CEO of J Brand what would you be doing?

"I'd be racing cars like Steve McQueen - in the same tortoise shell Persol sunglasses with light blue lenses." #askjeff #jbrandfordonnaida

Where are you from?
"I'm from New York." #askjeff #jbrandfordonnaida @DonnaIdaDenim
How did you get started?
"30 years ago with my love for fashion and the curiosity to create it." #askjeff #jbrandfordonnaida @DonnaIdaDenim
Favourite pair of jeans?
"Our newest men's skinny fit, the Mick. In stores this Fall '13." #askjeff #jbrandfordonnaida @DonnaIdaDenim
Which jeans are the must-have for FW13?
"Our new Photo Ready denim and Luxe Sateen." #askjeff #jbrandfordonnaida @DonnaIdaDenim
Style icon that epitomizes the brand?
"The stunning Emmanuelle Alt and the King of Cool, Steve McQueen." #askjeff #jbrandfordonnaida @DonnaIdaDenim
Life motto?
"Have a fulfilled life that you love, with freedom and ease." #askjeff #jbrandfordonnaida @DonnaIdaDenim
What is the best advice you give to others?
"Weigh up all your options before making a choice, then keep it simple." #askjeff #jbrandfordonnaida @donnaidadenim
Source of inspiration?
"A beautiful, natural, scenic geographic setting. That is when I create the best." #askjeff @donnaidadenim #jbrandfordonnaida
Cats or dogs?
"I'm a dog person." #askjeff #jbrandfordonnaida @donnaidadenim
Summer or Winter?
"Summer – the beach, summer sports, sunny weather." #askjeff #jbrandfordonnaida @DonnaIdaDenim
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Donna Ida?
"Her beautiful smile & her witty, incredibly funny sense of humor.  And of course her fashion sensibility." #askjeff #jbrandfordonnaida
@Missk1187 can you explain what is so special about the new 'photo-ready' denim? 
The #PhotoReady stretch technology enhances your shape giving slimmest smoothest appearance. And it keeps its shape for the life of the garment, it will never stretch or bag out.
@Englishian Can a girl have too many pairs of jeans!? I find it hard to let mine go...
It's always good to have an assortment of basics, and then add on fashion styles seasonally.
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