Light as a Raw Fairy

Anyone who knows me will have clocked that I've been on a diet for the past 20 years. With varying degrees of success. In recent years I've discovered it's best if a) you stick to it b) drink lots of water and c) eat less and move around more.

Having said that I'm an all or nothing person so still tend to go on holiday with the notion that I'm on some kind of all you can eat supermarket sweepstake. So post holiday, I always need to do something drastic. Also the impending diet keeps me cheerful and the panic at bay while I'm cramming fried cheese, tzatziki and truckloads of bread in my mouth in Greece.

So after a couple of European holidays this Summer I called in Raw Fairies to welcome me back to work. I started on the Tuesday after the August bank holiday weekend - only four days as opposed to the usual five but frankly it was enough to get the system moving. Our office is in SW1 and they deliver largely within Central London postcodes only, but for those of us lucky enough to be living or working in those postcodes the EASE of an early morning delivery is just so exciting.

While I can stick to any diet for a certain amount of time, the only thing I always have no matter what is an espresso in the morning. I have to - it's the main law of my body, and God knows I'm law abiding. So, here's Day 1:

Blueberry, Cherry and Banana Smoothie with Spirulina. Tasty. Went down a treat. I also had a Skin Booster with my diet, which came in a little medicine bottle which I downed in one with the Smoothie. The Skin Booster contained Coconut Water, MSM, Acai Berries, and Tocotrienols. Whatever that is. Please note the breakfast is missing from these pictures - it had already disappeared down my throat before we could get the camera out.

Green Smoothie with Chlorella and Spirulina. I'm not sure what was in the green smoothie but it was certainly green and smooth but by no means a snack. It was a drink. But I liked it nonetheless.

Vegetable Noodles with Tahini Dressing.
I had a rummage around in the salad for a few minutes and came up with what I thought was the noodles. Slightly unidentified but certainly tasty. It's here that I should point out that the portions are generous - I was struggling to get through the salad. Somehow the greedy child in me managed though.

Cashew Cottage Cheese on Flax Sunflower Seed Cracker plus Greens, Nori and Sprouts with Balsamic Dressing.
Out of the four evening meals Raw Fairies delivered this was definitely my favourite. The cottage cheese was welcomed like a long lost friend, and the sunflower seed cracker was just what the doctor ordered. Seriously, it was yummy. REALLY.

The weekly menus are listed on and change constantly. Every meal I had over the four days was great - there wasn't a single thing I didn't like and the service was excellent. The nice man who delivered it daily on his clapped out motorbike was smiley and sweet and only looked slightly taken aback when I roared up the stairs and threw open the office door each morning and grabbed it from him like a starving lioness. And if you're someone who absolutely positively cannot live without their chocolate then they have the most amazing chocolate macaroons that are frankly so dense and dark I could only get through two that I scoffed on Friday afternoon.
So for the results. I lost 5 pounds in four days! And it's stayed off. The slight downside is the lack of protein - protein is what keeps the hunger at bay and keeps the energy levels up. Having said that I wasn't hungry or tired at all, save for bedtime each evening when I suddenly felt hungry, and then woke up feeling full and slightly bloated. I'm putting that down to all the raw veg that my body, which is more used to porridge, ham and yoghurt, was startled by.
If you live in London and you need to shift some pounds pronto, or just want to feel good, definitely give Raw Fairies a try. I'm considering going in for the full Detox - apparently it's a challenge but I'm sure I'm up to it.

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