Jonathan Adler

I'm currently between houses - I'm not exactly living out of a suitcase but let's just say my clothes are on temporary rails and my shoes need constant dusting.  Therefore I'm house and furniture obsessed and my favourite expression is 'when we have a house'.

So when Jonathan Adler opened around the corner from our Chelsea boutique I was in there like a shot and have been stalking them ever since.  There's still no house on the horizon, but here are my top 5 wish list pieces from Jonathan Adler...for the house of my dreams.

 I love this sofa! I'm torn between putting it in my imaginary bedroom or imaginary sitting room.

This white leather desk is fabulous - definitely for my bedroom, or my super ginormous imaginary dressing room.

 This is great for me - maybe if I put all my carbs in here I won't need to put them in my stomach.

This kind of thing screams handy to me. Why wouldn't you need a screen? Have room, will divide!

 Who doesn't need a retro vase or two hanging around? I have loads of vases but always need more.

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