Brilliant Breakfast Raises Almost £10,000 for Prince's Trust Women Supporting Women

Donna Ida Brilliant Breakfast

We're delighted to confirm that our Brilliant Breakfast event raised almost £10,000 for Women Supporting Women, a passionate group who are committed to changing the lives of young women at The Prince’s Trust.

Our guests joined Donna Ida at The Coppa Club on the 15 October, 2021.

Brilliant Breakfast
Brilliant Breakfast Donna Ida
Swam Coppa Club


Our guests enjoyed a breakfast at The Coppa Club in Streatley and a goody bag including:

  • A pair of Donna Ida Jeans to be fitted by one of our denim experts (RRP up to £245)
  • Donna Ida Candle (RRP £45)
  • Donna Ida Tote (RRP £45)
And a Beauty Goody Bag including:

  • Dr. Barbara Sturm - 200ml Anti-Aging Body Cream (RRP £86)

  • Trish McEvoy - Makeup Eraser (RRP £12)

  • Odile - The Anti-Wrinkle Serum Par Excellence (RRP £85)

  • Virtue - Recovery Shampoo and Restorative Treatment Mask (RRP £30)

  • Tea & Tonic - Bright Awakening Gift Set (RRP £60)

  • Blink Brow Bar - Brow Shape Voucher and Clear Brow Gloss (RRP £46)

  • The Light Salon - The Light Salon Signature Facial Voucher (RRP £45)

  • Bloom & Blossom - You Glow Girl Performance Body Oil (RRP £35)

  • Margaret Dabbs London - PURE Cracked Heel Balm 30ml (RRP £18)

  • ​Organic Pharmacy - Hyaluronic Acid Serum (RRP £30)

Total goody bag value is over £700

Trish McEvoy - Makeup Eraser

Pioneering the barely-there makeup movement, makeup artist and innovator Trish McEvoy founded her company over 40 years ago with one of the industry’s first professional brush collections. Today her cult luxury products have become a staple in women’s makeup bags the world over, helping women look and feel their best self. The Makeup Eraser®️ is crafted from tiny fibres (50 to 100 times smaller than human hair) that lift away makeup and impurities with ease, this cloth is an eco-friendly alternative to makeup wipes or cleanser. Machine washable, antibacterial and free from chemicals, it can be used alone with warm water, or as a pre-cleanse before washing your face as normal.

RRP: £12

Check out Trish McEvoy on Instagram here.

Odile - The Anti-Wrinkle Serum Par Excellence

The secret of smooth, elastic skin is found within this luxurious serum, which immediately softens fine lines and wrinkles thanks to Oat Kernel Extract and Hydrolyzed Silk Proteins, which tighten and lift the skin. OR, je suis is designed to be applied day and night to the face, neck and décolleté; tap skin with your fingertips to apply, paying special attention to the eye contour and laughter lines. 

RRP: £85

Check out Odile on Instagram here.

Virtue - Recovery Shampoo and Restorative Treatment Mask

Virtue Recovery products are clinically proven to provide ongoing, daily repair with exclusive, multi-patented Alpha Keratin 60ku® technology. Alpha Keratin 60ku® fills in the damaged sites and replenishes vital nutrients for hair that is soft and supple, nourished, and more manageable. The Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask, is the hardest working healer in our haircare arsenal. Supercharged with Alpha Keratin 60ku®,the Virtue® Restorative Treatment Mask actively rehabilitates depleted hair while maintaining a rich and indulgent silky after-feel.

Hair immediately looks and feels healthier, appears shinier and the color more vibrant. Hair damage is happening every day -- from heat styling, UV exposure, aging, and coloring -- Virtue’s Restorative Treatment Mask is a must-have weekly treatment to heal any number of hair woes.

RRP: £30

Check out Virtue on Instagram here.

Tea & Tonic - Bright Awakening Gift Set

Tea & Tonic luxury skincare & wellness. Match your Tea with your Skincare for healthy glowing skin, body and mind. Stella named Tea & Tonic ‘A British beauty brand to watch’. Bright Awakenings English Breakfast Tea is speciality blend of fine Assam black tea with superherbs to help balance stress & support a healthy immune system. Bright Awakening Light Facial Oil awakens, brightens & revitalises the body & mind for smooth, supple skin that radiates a balanced, healthy glow. Perfect for morning time.

RRP: £60

Check out Tea & Tonic on Instagram here.


Blink Brow Bar - Brow Shape Voucher and Clear Brow Gloss

A BBB London Brow Shape uses the ancient technique of threading; the most accurate and precise way to remove the tiny brow hairs to create a brow shape that is wow and balances your face shape. The right lift under the brow arch lifts the eyes and is an immediate anti-ageing boost.

Use the Clear Brow Gloss on bare brows or over brow makeup for glossy and healthy-looking brows, with a 14-hour hold. Including a blend of rosemary leaf oil to help encourage regrowth in sparse areas, marsupium bark extract alongside vitamin E to strengthen and smooth and jojoba oil to moisturise and condition, ensuring brows are not only held in place but also protected and nourished right from the root. 

RRP: £46

Check out BBB London on Instagram here.

The Light Salon - The Light Salon Signature Facial Voucher

The Signature Light Facial will energise, uplift and revive your mind, skin and soul. The 830nm wavelengths used are clinically proven to rejuvenate your skin and encourage rest and recovery for your mind and body.

RRP: £45

Check out The Light Salon on Instagram here.

Bloom & Blossom - You Glow Girl Performance Body Oil

You Glow Girl is a high-performance body oil to tone, hydrate, firm and brighten skin.

It’s all about high performing natural oils that work in harmony with your body, such as Argan Oil, packed with anti-oxidants to fight stretch marks and boost skin’s elasticity for a radiant glow, Sweet Almond Oil, which is more than just a treat for the nostrils thanks to its ability to even out skin tone whilst bolstering hydration levels, and finally, Jojoba Seed Oil, an oil crammed with vitamin E to boost skins elasticity and make it smooth to touch.

RRP: £35

Check out Bloom&Blossom on Instagram here.


This is a problem solver, a targeted and powerful treatment balm to help relieve cracks in the skin of the feet. Once applied it forms a barrier, and a waterproof seal over the top of the cracks in the skin, and with regular use the treatment balm helps to keep the skin of the feet healthy, protected and nourished. Free from preservatives and harmful chemicals and packed with botanical actives, it is a little gold pot of magic; a creamy treatment balm which gives instant results and will eradicate even the most problematic, persistent cracks in the heels of the feet.

It will smooth rough, scuffed skin of the feet and leave them silky and new. Formulated with pure Oregano Oil which provides a barrier and helps to protect the skin and Manuka Tree Oil to promote skin health. Salicylic and Benzoic Acids help to keep skin renewed and healthy. The vegan-friendly formulation is enriched with moisturising, nourishing Cocoa and Shea butters, leaving your feet looking and feeling instantly hydrated, soft and smooth.

RRP: £18

Check out Margaret Dabbs London on Instagram here.

Overnight Facial Serum - Sarah Chapman Skinesis

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial. This multi-award-winning, skin-transforming, serum-oil elixir recreates the lifting, firming and skin-perfecting benefits of a Skinesis facial overnight. Awaken to plump, smooth, rejuvenated skin with our signature Skinesis glow.

RRP £58

Follow Sarah Chapman Skinesis on Instagram.

Replenish your skin with Dr. Barbara Sturm’s silky soft, moisturizing Anti-Aging Body Cream. Infused with pure Glacier Water, it absorbs easily into the skin to leave it feeling velvety-smooth. Extracts of White Almond and Elderberry Blossom help to firm the skin, while nutrient-rich oils restore elasticity. The anti-aging powerhouse Purslane calms and reduces the visible signs of irritation and highly active compounds diminish visible signs of aging. The skin is left feeling soft, supple and thoroughly moisturized.

RRP: £86

Check out Dr. Barbara Sturm on Instagram here.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Unique organic triple molecular weight 0.2%. Hyaluronic Acid for powerful results. Light, easily absorbed formula that thirsty skin drinks in fast to lock in moisture. 95.% Organic.

RRP: £30

Check out Organic Pharmacy on Instagram here.

Revitalise your skin with our essential facial oil [efo] designed especially for autumn. This luxurious blend contains rosemary oil, rich in the phyto-nutrients that support healthy collagen development, and baobab seed oil which works to form an emollient barrier, locking moisture in.

RRP: £24

Follow ebo in Instagram here.


Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton is an ambassador for Women Supporting Women, part of Prince’s Trust. The mission of Women Supporting Women is simple: to provide the right help to nurture, empower and inspire young women to build their futures through employment, self-employment, education or training.

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