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MichelleSiwy is the creator of vintage-inspired denim label Siwy, beloved of the ELLE team and the A-list alike - she counts Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Cheryl Cole (to name but a few) as dedicated followers. Her own style? She likes to mix laid-back, L.A. cool with a dose of glamour - check out what she has to say about her sartorial secrets...

How would you describe your style?
I’m a mix of glamour, bohemian, and a very light touch of Goth.
What is there too much of in your wardrobe?
I have an entire section of my closet devoted to black lace tops. It’s always been a weakness of mine and though I always vow to never, ever buy one again, I find a better one.
What is the last label you discovered?
This line Ani Lee out of LA, has the most perfectly fitting dresses. Since I wear jeans most of the time, I like my dresses special, thought out and flattering. It’s somewhat of a lost art to have well crafted clothing which fits well, beautiful fabric, colour and that does wonders for your figure. You have to check it out!
Which are your favourite London stores?
Liberty, Rellik, Donna Ida and Boots.
What are your go-to labels?
The tee line LnA for the best fitting everyday tops. They have just enough subtle style detail to feel special and go perfectly with all of my jeans. I can always depend on Isabel Marant for the best footwear and Vanessa Bruno for really special pieces. And I can't live without Wolford for tights.
What's the most treasured possession in your wardrobe?
My precious Isabel Marant black suede thigh-high boots. I hate my knees so I can wear them with literally everything from dresses to shorts to jeans. They are from two years ago. I take such special care and have re-soled them twice to keep their life going. I know I will never get tired of them.
Do you plan your outfits or throw on whatever's to hand?
I don’t really plan, because I base it entirely on my mood. I like to look and feel as comfortable as possible. If you have really great and timeless items in your wardrobe, then it’s pretty easy to 'throw together' a look. I don’t like to look like I’m trying too hard for attention.
What are you happiest wearing?
A cool white, loose drapey tee, some awesome antique necklace, vintage jeans and a happy lip colour. 
What's your sartorial guilty pleasure?
I am absolutely obsessed with feather hair extensions. It almost seems unrealistic to wear them, but the way they are done now, you get them attached to your natural hair and even wash and blow dry. It’s beyond beautiful and no, you do not feel like a bird. It just softens your whole face up and brings a little colour around your face and can be so subtle that it’s not tacky. So gorgeous!
Whose wardrobe would you love to steal?
I love the stylist Barbara Martelo’s style. She consistently has the best pieces to put amazing looks together for herself. 
How do you organise your wardrobe?
My apartment in NYC is so small, that I have to be very tidy otherwise I wouldn’t be able to find a thing. So, I organize first by colour, then by fabric.
Where do you look for inspiration if you don't know what to wear?
I check out different style blogs or Polyvore to see how other people think when putting a look together.
Have you ever had a stylist and, if so, what are the best tips they've ever given you?
I’ve never had a stylist but my husband always says to have 'tiger style'. Ha! It’s about turning heads with your attitude instead of trying too hard or being too 'done up'. Just be my cool self. It all starts with your attitude and confidence, and then everything else just looks amazing. You don’t have to be the most beautiful person in the world to have it.

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