IDA TV - How to wear Straight Leg Jeans

The straight leg jean, like the skinny, is an easy-to-wear wardrobe staple. Still long and lean, the straight leg jean tends to be less stretchy and more structured. Universally flattering, straight styles are fitted from the top and fall straight down past the knee, for a streamlined fit over your legs. Slimmer legs can carry off a tighter style that tapers slightly at the ankle. The straight leg jean is as versatile as it is flattering; perfect for dressing up or dressing down in heels or flats.

Video Transcript; “A straight leg jean is a fantastic go-to shape for someone who hasn’t bought jeans in a while or someone who just wants to have one good pair of basic jeans in their wardrobe that will do a few different things. They aren’t too skinny or boot-cut so it’s a nice in-between style that will flatter most figures. It’s something that a pear or curvy figure should think about. They do look fantastic on, especially in a midrise; very flattering and will really elongate the leg. “

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