IDA TV - How to wear Skinny Jeans

Donna Ida Thornton explains How to Wear Skinny Jeans

Video Transcript; "The great thing about skinny jeans is they are so versatile. Virtually every body shape can wear them, and they really do look good on everybody. You just have to think about different footwear and the way you wear them. Think about the washes, virtually anything looks good, from black to white to colours to any wash. There are a few different kinds of shapes in skinnies. This is a pencil leg, which is a little bit longer generally. This is your ankle grazer here, and then we have your jegging, which is a lot tighter and skinnier. The thing with the jegging is you want them to be really, really tight. You should have to wiggle to get into them, and if they go on too easily, go down a size. A good trick to remember is once they're on, if you can fit two fingers down the back waistband of the jeans, that's fantastic; if you can a whole hand, it's too loose, and you should look at going down a size."

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