IDA TV - How to find the right jeans for long legs

The Shape

Long-legged girls are tall and lean, with supermodel style legs. It can be hard to see them as an asset rather than a hindrance (especially if you struggle to find jeans long enough), but with the right length and style, long legs can look amazing in denim.

How To Wear It

One key point for long legs is to keep the waist at the right height; too high and it the jeans will elongate your legs even further and shorten your torso. Stick to mid and low rise styles, in a longer length. Most washes look great on you, particularly those with shading to the thigh, which will add shape and dimension. Long legged girls shouldn’t be put off by crop styles either – a 7/8 length style can still look great.

LONG LEG CELEBRITIES: Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz

Video Transcript; "If you're tall like Rachel here, who's six foot one, you are going to need a thirty six inch leg. What Rachel is wearing here is a Goldsign Jean. It is a midrise; it is probably as high as you want to go, otherwise you'll feel like you've got too much leg. If you are conscious of having long legs, look for styles that have whiskering and shading on the thigh to break up the leg and move the eye away from the length. Washing, fading, and detailing will help to give some shape to long, slim legs. Some of the best styles for you are Goldsign's Misfits, Hudson's Supermodel, James Jeans' Hector, or MiH Jeans' Marrakesh. The important thing to remember when looking for jeans is there are no hard and fast rules. Tall people often feel like  they can't wear cropped jeans because they look like they're too short for them. Going three inches above the ankle bone is the perfect crop and will always look fantastic.

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