IDA TV - How to find the right jeans for a pear shape


Pear or hourglass figure has smaller waist and wider hips, thighs and bottom.


The Shape Pear shape girls typically have curvy figures; perfectly small waists with gorgeous wider hips. To accentuate your shape with denim, you need to highlight your greatest assets (your waist) and even out your proportions.

How To Wear It

The high-waisted jean is key for pear shapes, as is a bootcut or wide leg style. A higher waisted style will cinch you in and draw the eye towards your small waist, whilst a bootcut or wide leg style will skim over your hips, balancing out your body proportions with the kick at the bottom of the leg. Darker washes with added stretch will help to streamline your shape and give structure whilst still providing comfort for your curves. If you’re shorter and afraid of drowning your body with a wide leg, try a mini bootcut style or even a straight leg.


Video Transcript; "A classic pear shape like Nez here will have a smaller waste with bigger hips and thighs. The key challenge here to find something that really hugs those curves but then singes in the waist. If you are tall, a mid rise bootcut or a wide leg will even out your hips while the kick at the bottom of the leg will balance your proportions. If you are shorter, it is better to go for a slim, straight, or baby bootcut to flatter your gorgeous hourglass figure. Slightly higher-waisted skinnies are a great choice to solve the problem of gaping in the small of the back on pear-shaped figures. Some styles to look at include the Nobody Cult, J Brand Major, Paige Rising Glen, MiH Jeans Marrakesh, or James Jeans Hunter. My key tips for a pear shape is to find a nice, dark denim with a good amount of stretch that will flatter those curves. Something else to think about is a denim with nice stretch and good recovery. The third thing to think about is a higher waist. High-waisted jeans can be so flattering, and they will really elongate the leg."

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