How To Wash Your Jeans

Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton shares her secrets on How to Wash Your Jeans.

Video Transcript - Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton: “Welcome to the Denim Clinic, today we’re going to talk about how to wash your jeans. First up is always wash your jeans inside out. It definitely helps to protect the dye and it also protects the zips and rivets when your washing them. Next one is to always wash your jeans on a cold wash, cold wash is definitely cold not 30 degrees and a hotter wash will damage the fibres. Third point is to always use a non-bio detergent on your jeans, I use the ‘Denim Wash’ by The Laundress but you can use any non-bio detergent, we sell the ‘Denim Wash’ at Donna Ida. Fourth point is always be gentle with your jeans, use the gentle setting on your machine and don’t put them in the dryer because this ruins the elastane. Next point is storage of your jeans, you can store them anywhere you like, I fold mine, but the main thing to remember is to put light colours together, for example don’t put your white jeans next to indigo just in case the colour transfers. The final point is keep your jeans fresh, you shouldn’t wash your jeans every time you wear them, but instead you can lengthen there life by using ‘Fabric Fresh’ in between washes. Finally check the care label on your jeans and follow the washing instructions. If you look after your jeans they’ll be a great investment for many years to come.”

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