How To Make The Whisk & Spoon Jeans Shaped Cookies

If you are shopping in a DONNA IDA boutique over the next couple of months, prepare for the cutest denim inspired biscuits to take away with your new jeans. These beautiful (and tasty) denim shaped treats are the work of Jessica Ridler and you get cookies with every purchase. We caught up with Jessica to find out how she started, what inspires her and how she makes the delicious biscuits.

The Whisk and Spoon jean cookies

DONNA IDA: How did you get come up with the idea for your business and get started?

JESSICA: I’ve been passionate about baking for as long as I can remember. I grew up baking with my mum and had so much fun licking cake mix out of the bowl and then seeing our creations come to life. For me it seemed only natural to make a career out of something that I loved doing so much. I started by baking cakes and other treats for people I knew, who quickly spread the word and this evolved into The Whisk and Spoon.


DONNA IDA: How did you think of the name?

JESSICA: Whilst studying and training in pastry, I realised that these were tools that I absolutely could not live without. The name came to me one day as I was baking with a spoon in one hand and a whisk in the other!


DONNA IDA: Why did you choose DONNA IDA biscuits?

JESSICA: The demand for bespoke cookies is constantly increasing, and I wanted to create something unique, fun and trendy that people would relate to. Donna is the ultimate Jean Queen and when these cookies were born, I felt that they would be the perfect fit for her brand!

DONNA IDA: How do you style your jeans? What are your favourites? Eg skinny or boyfriend etc

JESSICA: I live in my skinny jeans! What I love most is how versatile jeans can be. For a day time look I’ll pair them with a casual t-shirt and pumps, and change this to a blouse and heels for the evening.


DONNA IDA: Talk us through making them?

JESSICA: We start off by making rectangular cookies to give us a sturdy base, as we provide Donna’s stores with mini jeans. We then colour fondant in shades of blue and create a jean shape by hand, which is then glued onto the baked cookies. Using royal icing, we hand ice the details of either the front or back of a pair of jeans to create a sense of movement that brings them to life.

DONNA IDA: Where can people get hold of them if they want more?

JESSICA: We can be contacted at, by phone on 07917 641 224, or via our website To see behind the scenes and other creations on social media, we can be found at @Whisk_and_Spoon on Twitter, @thewhiskandspoon on Instagram, and @TheWhiskandSpoonLtd on Facebook.


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