Rizzo in Fawcett Blue, the Best Skinny Jeans in the World

Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton tell us why The Rizzo in Fawcett Blue are the best skinny jeans in the world. 
Rizzo in Fawcett
We've made Rizzo the Ankle Skinny for years now and it is one of our bestsellers. It is a mid blue high waisted skinny jean with a 10 inch rise, 28 inch leg and 4.5 inch leg opening.
Rizzo in Fawcett
As it is a skinny jean, you do have to do a bit of a denim dance to get into them. You have to go tight when you're pulling on your skinny jeans and you might think you're not going to get past your knees. Go past knees, wriggle into them, pop your bum in, pull them over and go nice and tight.

Skinny jeans have to be tight in order to have a snug fit at the back so you feel really encased.
Rizzo in Fawcett
Remember if you can fit a whole hand down the back of the waitband of your jeans, they are too big and you should try going down a size. The aim is just to get a couple of fingers down the back of the waistband.

So definitely go down the size. You honestly won't look back.

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