Hari's Hair Salon

I was in need of a quick wash and go on Saturday so popped to Hari's on Brompton Road in Chelsea. Even though I know Hari I don't go in often as my hairdresser @hairho comes to my desk (yes my desk!) and takes care of my blonde locks for me while I work. So it had been a long time between drinks for Hari and I. I like things done properly so when I say I had one of the best hair washes of my life at Hari's (by Shaheed) you know it's no word of a lie. He gently lifted my head, tilted it from side to side, massaged, coaxed and cajoled it to within an inch of its life. It was so good that while my super relaxed rubbery legs were trying to carry me to the chair for the blow dry portion of the event I was already texting Hari and his wife Katharine saying OMG....OMG!!Cat took care of the blow dry and didn't bat an eye at my 2kg of heavy wet hair. Everyone at Hari's must be consummate professionals - the place was like a disco when I walked in and was still heaving when I left with my super styled super bouncy new hair. If you're ever in Brompton Cross (conveniently, Hari's is just around the corner from Donna Ida!) try them out.  Even the atmosphere's top notch!

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