Guildford's Addiction to Designer Denim

I'm really a city girl at heart so when our Chairman suggested we look to open a Donna Ida boutique in Guildford I of course knew ZERO about the town. I'm a fast learner though and soon twigged that there are lots of reasons why Guildford is still one of England's big thriving market towns. Aside from the university (not something that has ever crossed my radar but I can see why it's attractive) there are fantastic shops here! Everything a fashionista needs. The Courtyard for your Louboutins and Missoni, Little London for your mid-priced designer bits, Ordri for the biggest selection of Odd Molly I've ever seen, Jo Malone - well, you just need some Jo Malone, Pret A Manger (the stamp of approval for me for any good town/high street) and a HUGE Boots (don't lie, everyone loves Boots). And there's a Cornish Pasty Co too but I try not to think about it.

But best of all there's the Donna Ida. They're amazing - Cecilia and Tash the Manager and Assistant Manager are smiling at you from the photograph and you'll alwaysfind one of them there. They love a challenge - throw anything at them and they'll do it.  Hem your jeans in an hour? Can be done. Call you the second something comes in that you vaguely hinted has piqued your interest? Easy. Greet you by name if you've been in more than once? It's guaranteed to happen. These girls are professionals! Next time you're in Guildford pop in and say hello. We're on Swan Lane just opposite Pret A Manger and Boots and next to Jo Jo Maman Bebe.

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