Guest Blog Penny Calder: Those magical J Brand black leather skinny jeans

My friend Penny from New Zealand loves her J Brand 901 Leather Skinny Jeans so much, she’s written this guest blog on how she came to buy them…

Guest Blog Penny Calder: Those magical J Brand black leather skinny jeans

(My Inspiration)

In July last year I read a tweet from Donna saying that the J Brand Leather Skinny Jeans were going to be really big for AW11. I emailed Donna to ask for more details and told her my size, which at the time was 32. Back came the reply – that Donna was really sorry but the leather jeans were only being made up to size 28, which she told me was a UK size 10.

I initially thought nothing more of it but as the day went on those leather jeans started to bore a hole in my brain and the next day I made a decision - I would lose weight and be wearing those leather jeans in London in January 2012!

That was a lot of weight to lose – 10 kilos as it turned out, and just six months to do it in.  The first thing I did was pin a picture of the leathers above my desk at work and in my dressing room at home – so that I couldn’t escape them!  I then pretty much followed the Dukan diet, i.e. no sugar and no carbs, plus I increased the amount of walking I did to one hour per day.

Gradually the weight started to come off, and the contents of the Penny Box full of all my new purchases at Donna Ida in Elizabeth Street began to grow. I started buying an entire J Brand winter wardrobe in my new size - 28! That’s how sure I was that this mission was going to be successful.

There was a major panic moment in November when I thought OMG what if I get to London and nothing fits! So I ordered a pair of J Brand Velvets in size 28 (just to check…) and started to pray!  On the day they arrived my heart was in my mouth but I put them on and…..yes there was some wriggling but they zipped up…they fitted.  I was now officially a UK size 10 and I was walking on air!

I managed to stay on the diet all through Christmas and in January arrived for my holiday in London to find three enormous Donna Ida carry bags in my room at The Ritz. My first night was spent literally knee deep in jeans, scarves and the fabulous Elizabeth and James fur parka….and of course  champagne!

So that’s the story of how a pair of fab leather jeans and the even more fabulous Donna finally provided the encouragement I needed to move those kilos and keep them off.  I’ll be back in London in September to do some more shopping at Donna Ida and share some more stories with Donna and her wonderful team – and by then I WILL be down to size 27!

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