Give Me Some Hanky Panky

We started stocking Hanky Panky in 2006 shortly after I opened our first boutique on Draycott Avenue in Chelsea.  A very well known fashion distributor at the time lived around the corner and came into the shop one Saturday. He did a loop around the shop, sniffed the air and said 'you know what you should get? you should get some Hanky Panky in here'. He had a very young and beautiful girlfriend at the time and before I could tell him to cool his jets she looked at me and said 'he means knickers sweetie, for the counter'.

Ah. We've stocked them ever since, in big glass jars next to the till. They're a real favourite, and after trying my first pair I literally don't wear anything else. We stock the Low Rise version, which is perfect for jeans. They give no VPL, sit comfortably low so there's no chance of knicker flash above your jeans, and come in loads and loads of colours. People even collect the colours. I don't - I'm someone who has to be wearing matching underwear every day, which is why Hanky Panky is so practical for me. I have a pile of black, white and nude, with black, white and nude bras to match. Easy! I like to think we're helping spread the Hanky Panky love by stocking them in all our boutiques and online. Every time someone comes to the counter to pay they point to the big colourful jar and ask what's inside.  Can just about guarantee you'll hear the Donna Ida girl behind the counter will say 'oh Hanky Panky! You haven't tried them? They're amaaaaazing!'.

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