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Kylie Minogue
Everybody needs good neighbours!

As Neighbours draws to a close and all the cast members migrate to Perth (naturally), we have been thinking about Charlene’s iconic Neighbours look.

Neighbours might be ending this week, but at it’s peak, 20 million viewers tuned in to see Scott and Charlene’s wedding back in 1987 - strewth!

Now we’re Back Together

Let’s go back to the good old days. Who can forget that 80s perm, oversize hoop earrings and let’s face it those those all-in-one denim choices.

Charlene, played by Kylie Minogue was just 18 when she burst onto the scene as the sparky mechanic in 1986. And 36 years later she has returned to Ramsay Street to say goodbye to the soap that launched her career.

Charlene’s signature style was always denim dungarees, plus she’s made her comeback in a boiler suit, so it’s safe to say she has a wardrobe full of denim.

We love how she teams hers with a simple tee or long sleeve top and pair of boots for a practical look.

Fran Bacon Lola
Donna Ida Angie

Especially for you!

If you want to channel Charlene’s classic style, take a look at the Lola Dungarees designed in collaboration with Fran Bacon aka The Fashion Lift for a super cool and casual look. These oversized dungarees can be worn exactly like Charlene with an easy T Shirt underneath and a pair of trainers (for when not working on cars). Launching 4 August at 9am here.

For Charlene’s modern take on the mechanic vibe, look to boiler suits and jumpsuits. Angie the Military Jumpsuit is a dead ringer for Kylie’s blue all-in-one (pictured on set back together with Jason Donovan).
Kylie Minogue

Donna Ida Sadie

Donna Ida Sadie

The Perfect Blend

We reckon Charlene would also look great in Sadie the Boiler-suit in Fawcett Blue or Dark Days. The star shaped poppers, dropped waist and neat fit would mean she could wear it day to night.

Time to Rack off

Neighbours final episode airs on Friday 29 July at 9pm. Let’s hope Scott and Charlene are still together!

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