Receive a free bar of Firetree chocolate with every pair of Donna Ida jeans in October

Receive a free bar of chocolate with every pair of Donna Ida jeans purchased in October!

We're adding a 25g bar of Firetree chocolate in the back pocket of every pair of jeans that we send out in October alongside a note from Donna.
Firetree chocolate
Firetree rich volcanic chocolate is made from cocoa from the 
remote islands of the southern Pacific and Oceania (also known as the "the ring of fire”, a circle of 452 volcanoes surrounding that ocean) and the volcanic-rich soils of Madagascar.

They work closely with experienced local farmers to ensure that cocoa pods are picked only when they're perfectly ripe and fermented for just the right amount of time.
Firetree chocolate
Every firetree bar only uses cocoa from a single estate (as each variation has its own unique taste). The result is delicate and distinctive.

This chocolate should be enjoyed like a fine wine, savoured to the very last.

And if you purchase a pair of Donna Ida jeans in October, you can try this exquisite chocolate for yourself!

Find out more about Firetree here.

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