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Georgia Peck has a deep love of cars, travel and exploring. Previously, she was in charge of events for Duke of London and Tempus, the luxury lifestyle magazine, where she oversaw their motoring section.

She has just started her own business, Aubrey Peck, which is inspired by her grandfather's racing past. She plans to track down old cars to relive his trips, which include taking the Orient Express across Europe and driving across the Egyptian desert. She aims to merge luxury, adventure travel, history and her passion in order to recreate the excitement and sense of exploration of her grandfather's adventures and bring them into modern life.

In the meanwhile, she is waiting for lockdown to lift to run exclusive rallies, driving tours, hillclimbs and other exciting motorsport events across the UK and Europe. We caught up with her on her lockdown life during a recent photo shoot with Classic Driver and Amy Shore Photography.

Georgia PeckGeorgia wears Cassandra in Fawcett Blue

Tell us your biggest lockdown achievement

Continuing to (somehow?!) successfully run my new automotive events and travel company, despite us all being locked away and not being allowed to do anything related to my business at all. Second to that, it would have to be making a Claridge's Lobster Wellington from scratch and not fluffing it up!

If you could be locked down with anyone – not including your friends and family who would it be and why?

After following Donna's Instagram stories, who wouldn't love a Bobby Dazzler in the kitchen! I'd also love to be locked down with musical talent Sir David Rodigan - just think of the parties, a barman and definitely a militant personal trainer of some variety to whip me back into shape.

Georgia PeckGeorgia PeckGeorgia PeckGeorgia wears Cassandra in Fawcett Blue

How have you been wearing and styling your Donna Ida Cassandra Jumpsuit?

I love to wear Cassandra with 70s shades, big hair and big heels. I wear my Sadie boiler suit in dark days out on my motorbike.

If you could design a Donna Ida jean/jumpsuit or ready to wear item what would it be called? We usually name the denim after girls that Ida would like to hang out with, and the name the ready to wear pieces after the way they make you feel.

The Farrah (Faw-fit). Ha! She is definitely my denim icon and makes denim look so, so good.

Georgia PeckGeorgia PeckGeorgia wears Cassandra in Fawcett Blue

Why do you think jeans are such an iconic item?

Number one, without question, because of the way they make you feel. The confidence a good pair of jeans instils is unparalleled to any other item of clothing. Donna's are the best I've ever worn - the fit makes you feel held, hugged and slimmer, and her denim cleveley elongates you too. I love denim because you can style it any way you want, from walking to dogs to a glamorous date night look.

What is the first thing you’ll do when you get out of lockdown?

Go straight to a fancy restaurant and bar with my boyfriend, they find the trashiest club and go dancing all night long.

Georgia PeckGeorgia wears Cassandra in Fawcett Blue

We’ll all get back to the airport at some point, when you do, what is the destination that will be on your boarding pass?

I'll be jumping in my Land Rover actually and driving straight to Scotland with the dog for some freedom and fresh air! I have so missed a proper adventure!! Then my partner Merlin and I will likely head straight down to Saint Tropez in his XK120 followed by a tour of Europe. There are so many places we have missed visiting, and we think the most romantic way to do so is to take a (reliable) classic car.

Visit the Aubrey Peck website here.
With thanks to  Classic Driver and Amy Shore Photography.

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