French Laundry

I'm married to a handy man.  Bobby Dazzler is the President of the Restaurant Association of Great Britain (he's a trained chef too!) so he knows all the top chefs.  Thomas Keller's one of his friends (in both food and golf) so when he announced his 10 day pop-up of the world famous French Laundry we knew we couldn't miss out.  Quicker than flying to Per Se in New York or to The French Laundry in California, Thomas's Michelin starred restaurants.

I'm not going to take you through the entire menu, you'd start rubbing your tummy and searching online for flights to the US within minutes, but I took pics of the whole meal and here are a few of the off-menu masterpieces Thomas sent out for us.  The meal was 9 courses and Thomas sent out a total of 18 courses, not to mention the divine bread!  An incredible experience.

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