Food Glorious Food

The problem with travelling is there are so many great new restaurants to be discovered. Who am I to say no? Here are a few of my favourites from my recent NYC buying trip:

Fika for coffee. I didn't go near a Starbucks while in NYC - highly unusual. As soon as @sam_bottega and I arrived we stumbled across a branch of Fika and I made the mistake of ordering a Mocha. The first of many - lumps of divine chocolate hang around the bottom waiting to hit you with the big chocolatey surprise at the end. Stirring recommended. They also have the most delicious warm muffins and cinnamon swirls......

Sant Ambroeus for breakfast or coffee and pastries.  This is a real uptown girl kind of place - right across the street from Intermix on Madison Avenue too, so there's twice the reason to visit.

If you need a little sustenance before or after tackling the famous shoe department at Saks Fifth Avenue (so big it has its own postcode - really) you should stop by Charbonnel et Walker for a calming drink and snackette.  I had the hot chocolate and choc chip cookie.


Sips & Bites.  I discovered this at the Capsule trade show.  The basis of the drink is lemonade and then you choose another fruit or veg plus a herb from the menu to be muddled in.  I went for cucumber and mint.  Delicious!  It's a Brooklyn based company, one I'd definitely cross the bridge for.

Burger Heaven.  I am eternally indebted to @sam_bottega for introducing me this fabulous place.  We went to the one on 62nd and Lexington after a run in Central Park - well deserved we told ourselves.  It's pure 1950s kitsch, exactly as you would expect a burger place to look.  We both went for the pancakes......naughty but nice.  Amazing top notch service and you can sit at the bar, which I love.


Breakfast at Balthazar.  This is how much of a pig I am - I couldn't even wait to take a picture before I took a bite.  Was dying.  Balthazar is great for breakfast - try the French Toast!

Baked by Melissa.  I came across these being offered in a showroom - needless to say I wasn't paying much attention to the clothes.  They're amazing!  Teeny tiny little bite sized cupcakes FULL of flavour.  They're at 109 E 42nd Street and deliver anywhere in the city (even your hotel room).

Blue Ribbon Sushi.  At 119 Sullivan Street (between Spring and Prince) this has gone into my address book.  Quick, fantastic service, and unbeatable sushi.  I love the building it's in too.  It feels like a cute little neighbourahood secret.

Cocktails at the Jane Hotel, Jane Street, is highly recommended. It’s a refurbished hotel from 1908, which famously sheltered Titanic survivors. My eyes were drawn to everything…from the panelled ceilings, vintage columns and checked floors to the traditional bellboy uniforms.

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