Father's Day

My Dad is hugely outnumbered by women - I have one sister, obviously Mum is female...even all our childhood pets (now sadly departed) were all female. Right down to the budgie.

I once went to a tarot reader when I was in my late teens who told me my father wished for a boy and felt out-hairsprayed by all the girls in the house. I never told Dad (I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog) but was perplexed for ages after. Surely he would have said? Shipped in a male dog? Encouraged more boyfriends?

Now that I look back I have no idea if it was ever true or not - Dad has two healthy girls, he's in pretty good health and so is Mum. We are HUGELY fortunate. Who cares if we're a little heavy on the oestrogen?  Girls are GREAT!

Here's dad below with my sister Larnie, trusty fag in hand (him not her) and my all time favourite family photo, the four of us in my grandparent's garden. Check out Mum's high waisted flares! And wedges. Love it. I'm the small one standing in front of Dad.

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