Elizabeth Klein of Beyond Vintage: What's in your bag?


Elizabeth Klein is the creative director of one of our favourite New York brands Beyond Vintage. We love the delicate vintage inspired blouses and tops from this brand which are made in flowing silk prints, with detailing such as beading, lace and embroidery. We caught up with Elizabeth to discover what she keeps in her bag…

“I have a vintage leather brown messenger bag that I bought on my last trip to Amsterdam. I love it, because it’s vintage, but is in great shape, and is big enough to fit my sketch and design books. I always have my phone, vintage fabric swatches, my sketch pad, Pantone colour chips from stories I’m working on, pictures of my two children, a small sachet of lavender, a few credit cards and my train pass. I never leave home without my iPod. At the moment I am listening to Radiohead’s new album, Gomez, and the Kings of Leon, who I am looking forward to seeing in upstate New York this summer.”

Beyond Vintage is available in Donna Ida stores now!

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