Donna's Diary - Carol Joy

There's a very alluring salon right across the street from Donna Ida on Draycott Avenue in Chelsea. I try to avoid it for fear of being sucked in by the bright light and leaving with a huge mortgage, but I finally went in a few weeks ago for a facial. Alicia is the manager and epitomises the brand - all perfectly kept and effortlessly beautiful. She greeted me with a hug and I was swept into the treatment room. This isn't any little treatment room. It's huge! Like a bedroom. With a dressing table for you to sit at, sip water and remove your jewellery and take one last look at your 'before' face. A cupboard to hang your clothes in and stow your bags and shoes neatly out of sight.

My treatment was performed by one of the experts, her name was Anna and she was a dream. Asking all the pertinent questions (but nothing too annoying) before inviting me to climb into the soft luxurious gently heated bed. What followed was a skin consultation, where she told me to drink more water (standard) and rest more (also standard) and to ensure I properly cleanse each evening so my products go further and do the job they're supposed to do. I had the most divine mask, under which I fell asleep. The rest of the facial was a haze of cosy dreams but that must be a good thing, yes? I woke up to the final primping and applying of moisturiser and eye cream and was told to sit up gently, sip some water and take my time getting dressed. I was so relaxed it took me about half an hour to walk to the car - an excellent sign of a great facial.

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