Donna's 2011 Highlights

2011 saw yet another evolution in the denim world - colour, and a LOT of it.  I have never seen myself slipping into a pair of red skinnies - we've had coloured jeans at Donna Ida since we opened (Ksubi did the most amazing red back in 2006) but as fast as fashion is perceived to turn, for me it is quite often a slow burn.  An idea that ferments at the back of the mind and slowly rises to the top.  The strongest trends always marinate for a while and when they finally do burst through we are loathe to let them go too soon.  We want them to hang on, which is why 2012 is going to be a an assault of colour, print and texture.  In my mind it has now got to the point that if I wear a pair of black skinnies two days running, I feel like the least stylish person on earth.  Who knew?!  Navy, plum, chocolate.....ANYTHING but black.

2011 was all about the toy town colours.  Fire engine red, royal blue, bright yellow - the literal colour wheel.  Now we've digested that when the fashion world says colour, they MEAN colour, we're being presented with another hue in the spectrum - pastels, soft florals, pinks and reds mushed together in animal print.....the softer side of colour.  You can still hold onto your toy town reds and blues, but bring them into 2012 with the 'dial it down' teaming of a soft pink 2012 tee with a 2011 red jean, or a pyjama trend check jacket to pair with your favourite royal blue from 2011.  The old and the new can happily live together in 2012's fresh, colour filled, happy world.

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