Donna’s Stewed Apple Recipe

My stewed apple is a game changer if you need a healthy but sweet hit to get you through the day. I eat mine straight after breakfast so it is the first thing I cook in the morning as it needs time to cool.

If you follow Petronella’s The Human Being Diet plan, you’ll know it is important to have a good gap between meals, so it is best to eat the Stewed Apple straight after a main meal. I choose breakfast, but you can do whichever meal you wish. I find it really relaxing to have a lovely, healthy breakfast with a cup of black coffee before I start my day.

Here’s how I make mine, plus a slightly more indulgent option for when you need a little treat.
Donnda Ida Recipe

Donna’s Stewed Apple


1 apple or 2 small apples
Half teaspoon Cinnamon 
Half teaspoon of Zest and Zing Vanilla
Donna Ida Recipe
Donna Ida Recipe

Cut into thin slices
Boil for at least 20 minutes 
Use a good saucepan that’s a good heat conductor - like Le Creuset
Reduce it down and then switch it off when there’s no water left 
Let it cool completely 
The cooler it is the sweeter the apple becomes
Donna Ida Recipe
Donna Ida Recipe

Serve as above with mint leaves 

For a little treat OR for a full The Human Being Diet breakfast add:
160g Full Fat Greek yoghurt
Donna Ida Recipe
Donna Ida Recipe
I follow Petronella’s The Human Being Diet plan so if you’re interested, you should read the book first which you can buy here.

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