Donna Loves Skinny Jeans

It's no secret that I love my skinny jeans.  Because a) any - ANY - shoe looks good with them (ok not a wedge) b) you can wear them year-round - as with most jeans they're delightfully season-less and c) they're good on the vertically challenged.  I have three that I wear all the time and they're my fail-safe options.  If I haven't worn one of them in a week I'll suddenly spy a pair and think 'ah! you! you're coming with me today'.  I pretty much wear the same thing all the time and just mix and match the bags and shoes.  So here they are - my three secret skinny weapons!  And before you ask - they're ALL super comfortable.  They wouldn't get a look-in otherwise.  Wear with heels, flats, sandals or tuck into boots.

Paige Premium Verdugo Skinny Jean in FlorenceJames Jeans Twiggy Skinny Jean in Slate J Brand Major Skinny Jean in Black

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