Donna Ida Says: Get on your bike!

get on your bike

This summer, we suggest you get on your bike, tone those thighs, decrease your carbon footprint and save some money! Donna Ida has gleaned some tips from our very own Donna Ida girls Kim, Jo, Susan and Lydia, who are all avid cyclists. We love how super-cool women can look on the streets of London, and around the world on their bikes.

Brit supermodel Agyness Deyn, who is known to ride the streets of London, New York and Manchester, says she would never get on her bike in anything but a trusty pair of Dr. Marten boots, or Gladiator sandals in the summer with her cool vintage look. Try a pair of Goldsign leggings with an oversized tee, or this cute Stella McCartney dress to get Agyness’ look.

Another dedicated cyclist, jewelry designer Pamela Love tells Vogue she’d never get on her Peugeot ten-speed in anything other than her Converse, or a pair of lace up boots. “If I know I am going to be on it, I’ll wear flats,” she confirms. “I don’t have room in my bag for heels, and I’d rather just be prepared.” Love likes to cycle in practical attire, including her favourite pair of Current/Elliott denim shorts. Try pairing them with a flowing blouse for a summer chic cycle combo.

Our very own cyclists have their top tips too! “My bike is from the 1970s, so she’s a bit old and grubby. I have to be careful I don’t get covered in grease, so for me, shorts are the way to go.” Says Donna Ida’s Susan. “At the moment my favourites are the Goldsign Chitney shorts. They are so soft and comfortable, and though they are really slouchy, I can wear them high on my waist with a belt so you can’t see my bum when I’m riding! I have a bad ankle, so wouldn’t dare get on my bike in anything other than my Converse sneakers or Birkenstocks.”

Kim suggests layering “It can get quite cold in the mornings, so I wear several layers. That way if I get too hot I can just take something off and pop it in my bag. My favourites for cycling in are my J Brand 811 skinnies in Shanghai Red, and my J Brand Agnes, and of course I never get on my bike without wearing my helmet!”

The newest addition to the Donna Ida cycling team, Belgravia manager Jo, is practical in her cycling attire. “I always wear skinnies so they don’t get caught on anything, and I prefer a lot of stretch, so the Paige Verdugo leggings are perfect. I also always wear shoes with laces, as I have a fear of losing my ballet pumps in the road and not being able to stop and retrieve them! On top, anything goes, as long as it’s easy to take off as soon as I get too hot.”

Lydia, our resident tomboy, likes to make the mad dash to the train station in the mornings in anything comfortable. “The J Brand Inez, or the MiH Tokyo are two of my cycling favourites, along with a Wildfox sweatshirt, or a Tucker top with my Minnie Rose ruffle shawl for an extra layer of warmth in the morning.”

And of course ladies, don’t forget to pack your hair straighteners for de-frizzing once you get to work!


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