Donna Ida is listed in DenimBlog's top 10 stores to buy denim

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Lorna the UK editor for DenimBlog piled together a list of her top 10 places to buy jeans online. They are listed in alphabetical order as she can’t choose between  favourite places, they are all great for different denim and different countries.

Donna Ida

Donna Ida is one of my favourite online stores to shop from! It stocks almost every brand you can think of and it’s perfect for those of you who live in Europe and need to find a specific brand of jeans but you can’t find them anywhere else. They have amazing customer service and such a wide selection of clothes to choose from. They also often participate in charity events, the most recent being a denim drive with Lily Allen. Their shipping is one of the fastest I have seen too!

Thanks Lorna - we love your blog! x

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