Donna Ida HQ: Our Denim Icons revealed!

Denim. If you don't wear it often the mere mention of the word may cause a cold sweat. At the Donna Ida head office we are surrounded by jeans all day - we are practically sitting in a sea of denim right now -  so we're not shy of a pair or four! With each pair of jeans you invest in, usually comes a source of inspiration. It could be trends or it could be street style photos, but in our case it's our denim icon - the celebrity whose denim style we most covet. If you've liked us on Facebook, you will notice we've already been posting some of our denim icons daily. Keeping with the theme, the girls at Donna Ida HQ are sharing their  favourite jean queens!


Name: Fiona

Job: Online Content Editor

Denim Icon: Kate Moss

Fiona says: I've always admired how, even when she's dressed up, Kate Moss manages to look a little bit undone and casual somehow. She does this with her denim too; it's always a little dishevelled, which I love. When I saw this picture of her in flares (below middle) and the grey jersey a few years ago, I was completely sold on Kate being my denim icon, and it's that outfit that I always have in the back of my mind when it comes to buying jeans.


Name: Claire

Job: Press and Marketing Manager

Denim Icon: Kylie Minogue

Claire says: My jeans icon is Kylie Minogue. I am a child of the 80's so Kylie hysteria was everywhere when I was growing up. My all-time favourite denim look for Kylie was from the Video 'Red Blooded Woman' when she was working skinny grey jeans with chains on them. It sounds so random now but I loved it! I tried to copy the look! These days Kylie is more casual with her jeans choices and I think she looks great in baggy boyfriend styles or skinny jeans that compliment her petite figure.

Name: P

Job: Operations Manager

Denim Icon: Rachel Bilson

P says: My denim icon would have to be Rachel Bilson. Her style is effortlessly cool and has that 'just thrown on' look - whilst remaining chic. She is always up with the trends be it style or brand, she was one of the first to embrace coloured jeans and she is never afraid to do double denim and to go short. She wears Siwy shorts a lot, the bohemian style definitely suits her - and she never gets it wrong.


Name: Amelia

Job: Online Marketing Intern

Denim Icon: Brigitte Bardot

Amelia says: Brigitte Bardot is my all-time-everything icon but I love the way she wore jeans. I'm obsessed with the 60's at the moment and I've got a soft spot for almost anything French. She often wore her denim high waisted, slim legged and cropped at the ankle - which is everywhere at the moment. J Brand have even named a jean after her - the J Brand Bardot. So I can get the just to get the legs!


Who is your denim icon? We would love to know! Tell us on Facebook or Twitter - we may even feature it in round two of Denim Icons!

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