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Jean Queen Donna Ida gives us her top tips for wearing flares.
Today we're going to talk about flares. Flared jeans are my absolute favourite denim shape. They're very 70s, and I'm a child of the 70s, so of course I adore it!
adelaide flare jeans

Here's the thing with flares: there’s always a lot of questions about how to wear flares from people who are shorter. They think they can’t wear them and there’s a little bit of truth in that, but I’m 5 ft 2” and I love to wear flares!

Donna Ida flares

Tip 1: Short? Tall? Everyone can wear flares

I look for flares that actually aren't too skinny to the knee and then kick out because if you shorten them, you cut off most of the flare at the bottom. For example, our Hope and Martha are like this and they’re both better on someone who is taller and has more leg.

hope bootcut flare
If I want to wear that kind of look, I go for something like the Molly, or the Kitty Kat so it's actually like a little cropped mini boot cut.

If I want to go proper flare, I go for our Minnie, which is funnily enough our longest jean. It's very high waisted, but it widens from the top of the thigh. So it really widens and goes out and I just chop it off to get the full effect of the flare, the really wide leg.

Even though I'm very very short, I know it widens from the top. That's the key. 
Donna Ida Tilda


Tip 2: Flares can suit everyone

Other flares you should be looking for from Donna Ida is the Tilda, which was purposely created for everyone to wear.

I had my friend Lisa Snowdon in mind as she is very tall, and I'm very short, but we can both wear Tilda. That is because it starts to open up above the knees. That's a key thing.

Your knee position doesn't matter so much, so the length of your leg doesn't matter so much when it opens from above the knee.

Then, Kate the Flare is great. She's going to be the jean of the season and Kate gets wide from the top of the thigh. It was based on a pair of Chloe jeans that Kate Moss wore. We made the wider on the leg so they're easier to wear for everybody.
Donna Ida flares


Tip 3: Think about your body type

Another thing that I like about this style of jean is that if you do have a chunky thigh (like me), it hides it.

Finally, if you have slightly bigger thighs, my top tip would be to look at the Minnie. It’s the dream jean and hides anything!

Watch Donna Ida explain how to wear flares below:

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