Donna Ida Gets Rihanna in J Brand

Donna Ida gift to Rihanna

We are sure you have heard the news that Rihanna was in town to turn the Christmas lights on at Westfield Shopping Centre yesterday, maybe you were even there? Well, we were there and wanted to bring a little Donna Ida denim delight to the star while she visited our favourite shopping centre.

As you can see on our home page, Rihanna is a huge fan of J Brand jeans and is often spotted in the latest 'it' jean by the LA brand. Donna Ida loves J Brand and so do the Donna Ida customers, making it consistantly the must-have designer label amongst the other great labels at Donna Ida. We havent seen style icon Rihanna sporting their latest J Brand legging in Stealth however, so we decided she must have it and now! You can get yours here

We sneaked some pics of her lovely dressing room with the gift and cannot wait to see her out on the town in them soon.

Donna Ida gift Rihanna

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