Donna Ida Careers Day - Top Quotes

On hiring…

”I would take passion, enthusiasm and a good speller over experience” @DonnaIda

“Do your research. We want to hire people who know about the brand and have really shown an interest” @DonnaIda

“Research and work out who to contact in the department. It’s a way of showing your initiative.” @LuciaDebieux

On E-Commerce

“Invest time in social media – it shows you’ve got the full package covered” @DonnaIda

“It’s really important that you uniform your site and make the photography unique to you” @DonnaIda

“Get a good grasp of google analytics to start and understand any e-commerce business” @DonnaIda

On Motivation…

“Sometimes I’m just excited about being excited!” @DonnaIda

“If something is worth doing it’s worth working hard for” @DonnaIda

“I never regret anything I do – what’s the point?” @DonnaIda

For Designers…

“One of the first questions we ask is ‘where are you stocked?’” @LuciaDebieux

“Email images rather than samples! I will keep them on file even if I don’t get back to you straight away” @LuciaDebieux

On Starting a Business…

“Write a business plan. It shows you’re someone worth dealing with” @DonnaIda

“It took me a year of research, writing a business plan, talking to suppliers etc before I started trading” @DonnaIda

“Sometimes I look at my original business plan and think ‘I still haven’t done that!’ And it’s still a good idea even now” @DonnaIda

“Stay focused! Don’t spread yourself too thin. Build a core to expand on” @DonnaIda

“I don’t think you need a degree or piece of paper to prove you can do something! Just show your confidence” @DonnaIda

“Don’t be ordinary, be extraordinary. Always achieve something more than the day before” @DonnaIda

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