Sadie the Boilersuit or Dolly the Flight Suit?

Jean Queen Donna Ida explains the difference between Sadie the Boilersuit and Dolly the Flight Suit.

Donna Ida Sadie

Are you a Dolly or Sadie girl?

Personally, I'm a Dolly girl (pictured below). Not to say that I don't absolutely adore Sadie (which I'm wearing above), but I'm curvy. I've got bigger boobs, smaller waist, bigger bum and bigger legs. So the Sadie should be my favourite because it comes in a little bit more in the waist, but Dolly feels more secure on the bust because it has a zip. I just love the way I can just zip it up, and know my boobs aren't going to burst out!

That’s why I really love the Dolly. It also has a little bit more room in the waist. If you have a little bit more weight around the waist, The Dolly is great because it has slim arms, slim on the legs and it would suit an apple shape. Sadie would be better for a classic pear shape.

donna ida dolly jumpsuit

Dolly or Sadie: The Leg Length

Both of them are exactly the same in the leg. They are nice and slim in the leg, and I always roll mine at the ankle because I’m super short.

They are a 34” inseam so suit most heights. If you are particularly tall, you can always unpick the hem to release it, and it gives you an extra inch or two in the length. The arms are exactly the same length on both of them, which is bracelet length.

Dolly or Sadie: Other Considerations

There’s a collar on both of them, but we have our iconic star poppers on the Sadie, which is slimmer in the waist. Both have a back pocket; however, the Dolly has the zip pockets at the back.

The Dolly has a really streamlined silhouette, whereas the Sadie has the waistband. It’s as if you’re wearing a denim jacket and a pair of jeans. Both sit at the waist. While we are a high-waisted denim brand, these two jumpsuits are lower in the waist. So for somebody who likes a lower waistband, it’s perfect for you.

The Sadie has little functioning pockets where you can put some car keys and also functioning pockets at the back.

Dolly has non-functioning top pockets which are purely for show, but functioning pockets at the bottom.

Dolly or Sadie: The Main Differences

The main difference is the accessories and the shape, as Sadie is cut slimmer in the waist.

The second difference is the body length. The Sadie has an extra two inches in the body, so perfect if you need extra length.

Have any questions? Always feel free to DM me. I am always happy to discuss this and help you with anything!

Watch Donna Ida explain the difference between the Sadie the Boilersuit and Dolly the Flight Suit on her Instagram below:

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