Denim Jumpsuit Tips - Dolly in Fawcett Blue vs Dolly in Blackest

Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton talks us through the differences between Dolly, our most popular denim jumpsuit, in Fawcett Blue and Dolly in Blackest.
Donna Ida Dolly
So let's talk about fabrics and styles.

Dolly the Flight Suit comes in Fawcett Blue and also Blackest.

It is exactly the same shape, but in two different denims and it definitely makes a difference.

The Fawcett Blue style has got more leeway and a little bit more room in it, making it a more relaxed fit. I've got more room in the body and the legs, than I do in the Blackest fabric.
Donna Ida Dolly
When I wear Dolly in Blackest, you can see at a glance the difference. It is the same size but it is more snug around the arms. It is a slightly a tighter fit because the Blackest is a much more structured held together fabric. I can open and close it the zipper easily, but it just doesn't have quite as much room as the Fawcett Blue colour.

I always still take exactly the same size, which is my normal size in Dolly, they just fit slightly differently because of the fabric. So it kind of depends on the look you want but I like both looks equally.

Watch the YouTube video below:

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